Top Team in Each Division Wins FREE Entry Into The District Championships April 18th & 19th

All WYS Fall and Winter Tournaments are qualifying tournaments for the Washington State Basketball Championships  
Thanksgiving Winter Classic Christmas Classic

$275 – Deadline 11/21

$200 – Deadline 12/6

$275 – Deadline 12/21



Girl’s Battle In Seattle Seattle Martin Luther King President’s Day
$275 – Deadline 1/24 $400 – Deadline 1/8 $275 – Deadline 2/8
We have added a Same School/Feeder Division for this years event
FREE Entry to TPS Division Winners
Pee Wee Post Up TOC – Survive and Advance District Championships

$275 – Entry Deadline 2/28

$100 – Entry Deadline 4/10 $275 – Entry Deadline 4/10




These events are sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S., Inc.
• All participants must have a current AAU membership.
• AAU membership may not be included as part of the entry fee to the event.
• AAU membership must be obtained before the competition begins except where the event operator has a laptop available with an internet connection.
• BE PREPARED: Adult and Non-Athlete memberships are no longer instant and cannot be applied for at the event. Please allow up to 10 days for membership to be processed.
• Participants are encouraged to visit the AAU web site www.aausports.org to obtain their membership

No Refunds will be given after the entry deadline or if the Facility Owner is unable to open their facility due to weather or any other uncontrollable circumstances.